Tempo Plus + Timesheets and Invoices - free demo


Fees invoicing 'à la carte'.
Optimization of the personnel's time performance.

The management tool for all services companies, especially for accounting offices.


Tempo is not just another time management program. It is a powerful solution that grows up with the company and it can be adapted to fit the needs of companies of any size: from the small accounting office to the multi-site, international company.

Thanks to a large set of parameters, the use of different languages and a range of different configurations, Tempo+ can be used in any situation, no matter the size, the place or the special characteristics of the Company.

The base of the program is the Timesheet entry: detailed yet rapid and ergonomic. The concept is: detailed analysis and information for the management without letting the user suffer ! The incorporated functions help managers to control and validate encoded time-sheets and fulfilled tasks. The complete structure of parameters bring a lot of automation in the invoicing procedure, with the program in most cases generating automatically the invoices.

But what makes Tempo+ trully different is its unbelievable capacity to follow up time, performances and costs in order to assure that the Company makes the most out of its available ressources !


Libraries of articles
Development and use of libraries of articles and calculated elements (material, work, etc) with price-analysis and price-register. Price research and comparison with selection of the best supplier.

Offers calculation and publishing
The empoyment of the libraries of precalculated articles and elements accelerates the project's calculation. A detailed price-analysis model allowes the application of different calculation criteria, the selection of suppliers and sub-constructors and the trial of different scenarios.

Inventories management, handling more storages and using barcodes and portable terminals.

Site monitoring
Treatment of drafts of works, calculation and printing of invoices, payment control. Project progressive invoicing with guarantees holdback calculation. Especially easy to directly invoice offers.

Site monitoring
Registration of all costs (material deliveries and labor-work), monitoring of the site's costs evolution, statistics.

Tempo is available in different configurations so that it can fit exactly the specific needs of the client.
Here is a small list of cases:

  • As a network application on the company's LAN Server. Different users levels with different access rights are possible according to the internal needs.
  • As a Timesheet encoding tool, where the user is limited to the entry of its time-sheets
  • As an internet system, where the data can be on a remote or on an internet server, allowing the access from everywhere in the world.

Tempo can be also configured as:

  • A multi-company system, with different invoicing modes per company.
  • A hotline management system with client history and info

Free Live demo of Tempo +

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