Unleash your company's knowledge

Make your Company’s knowledge an asset ! Centralize useful information, technical guidelines and know how at the same place, making them accessible to all members of your teams.

Trust Eureka! and focus on things that really matter in your business.


Eureka is a unique merge of a knowledge database and an enterprise collaboration platform. Thanks to Eureka you save a lot of time so that you can concentrate on things that really matter during your work.

Store and classify all technical knowledge, useful information, best practices and know-how on the same place and make it accessible to all the members of your staff.

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I would like to invite my co-workers to a specific event, share something or simply make an announcement.

I just post an announcement in Eureka. My co-workers will be notified immediately. Of course, my announcement will be stopped automatically at a predefined date.


I need help from somebody in a domain where my background is not sufficient enough.

I can check my co-workers’ profiles and history record and pick up the right person to ask.

Knowledge base

I am looking for technical information, documentation or procedures to follow on a specific subject.

I only need to search in the Knowledge database of Eureka and get it, including eventual updates, users’ suggestions and comments.




I would like to place a question on a specific subject to my team’s members

I only need to post this question to Eureka. All concerned persons will be notified automatically. I can chose the answer which looks more satisfactory.


My team’s members need to exchange opinions and information on a specific matter, eventually arriving to a final conclusion or to a problem’s solution.

Anybody can start a new discussion (thread) in Eureka. Participators are notified and they can post their own messages. The most amazing: the end solution or conclusion can be eventually added to the knowledge base for future use !



Choose among 3 different configurations according to your needs:

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