Hermes is a solution for mail and documents digitizing and proccessing developped by Quadram. When combined with ErgoOffice, Hermes offers the complete automatic solution for documents management.

Hermes can scan big volumes of documents sending them automatically to the appropriate destination within an entreprise's documents proccessing system.


  • Mail reception and processing
  • Digitalization
  • Publishing and Distribution
  • Deadlines verification
  • Electronic signature, Word’s Merge, Outlook integration, OCR, protection, linking.
  • Security and access rights.
  • Statistics
  • Backup and archiving
  • Search engine
  • Integration in ErgoOffice’s DMS


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Digitalizing documents with Hermes

You are overwhelmed by the volume of paper laying around and the mail cumulating on your desk ? Looking many times for an invoice or a supplier’s offer but not being sure where ?

Hermes is a simple but efficient tool allowing you to scan, label and store electronically your documents.

For every scanned document there is a barcode label printed and a reference number given. Lost of a document is not possible any more: its electronic version is permanently stored in the software’s database.

After having registered your mail you can start processing it applying workflow-procedures and executing actions. With only a few mouse-clic you can:

  • Transfer the document’s original or a copy of it to other persons.
  • Apply a pre-defined workflow with deadlines for each concerned person and make sure that the document will be handled within the wished time-limits.
  • Integrate automatically the document in ErgoOffice’s DMS (Documents Management system) and start enjoying the large range of functions available there.

Thanks to its powerful search engine you can rapidly find documents using keywords, tags, references or even their original content.

Hermes can be adapted to your enterprise’s structure and rules to assure a secure and rapid mail distribution.

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