Humman Resources

The management of your employees perfectly adapted to the labour law in Luxemboug. A complete package of services destined to help any king of small or medium company with substantial time and money gain in the day-to-day operation.


The RH module facilitates the accomplishment of all daily tasks related to the human resources management, it helps reducing operating costs and improving the communication among all levels of the company’s hierarchy.

Thanks to the integration of the Luxembourgish labour law you can run your controlling tasks, make decisions and validate the employees’ inquiries even without being a RH-specialist or an accountant. Of course such data like remaining annual holidays, availability of maternity, parental and other types of leaves are calculated automatically based to the employees’ contracts and to the legal provisions.

Combining the RH module with the other modules of the ErgoOffice software puts at your fingertips a universal platform covering all activities in the human resources management within your Company:

  • You can integrate the persons’ absences in your staff’s planning (ErgoOffce Planning module)
  • You can synchronize with the ErgoOffice’stime entry system and the projects’ statistics.
  • You enjoy the integration of all data in the same management tool.

List of functions:

  • Handling of request for a leave.
  • Automatic calculation of leave balances, as well as rights for taking other kinds of leave (eg paternity).
  • Overtime validation.
  • Employees’ records with detailed register of salary evolution, register of all types of leaves and absences.
  • Integration with the ‘time entry’ and the ‘planning’ modules of ErgoOffice to provide a complete time analysis and planning for the employees.
  • Data protection in several levels thanks to the access rights management system of ErgoOffice.

The RH module can serve all interested parties:

The employee:

  • He checks his remaining rights for holidays and other kinds of leaves.
  • He can announce his absence because of a sickness or other necessities.
  • He can place and follow up a request for holidays or other type of a leave.
  • He can apply for a validation of overtime work .


The Manager or the team’s leader:

  • He is automatically informed for all absences of the team’s members.
  • He can check and monitor the holidays and other absences calendar of his employees.
  • He can treat all applications for a leave or other types of absence.


The RH-manager

  • He maintains a rapid access to all employees’ datas (personal data, salary evolution, contracts and other documents, absence’s rate, etc).
  • He can get relevant data for the payroll calculation.
  • He monitors the holidays’ calendar of all persons.
  • He is automatically informed in case of any changes (address, bank accounts, etc) applied by the employees.


Here are some good reasons for using the RH module of ErgoOffice:

  • Improvement on the communication among management and staff avoiding e-mails traffic and phone calls.
  • Flexible and interactive validation of requests for leaves.
  • Time saving when it comes to personnel management.
  • Optimized monitoring of absence-rate and other indicators.
  • As a module of the complete ErgoOffice platform it is integrated in the overall office management system.
  • Conform to GDPR.

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