Founded in 1991, Quadram is occupied with the development of software products for the Windows and Internet platforms.

In 1996, the first version of an Ergo program was available. Following a lot of innovative work, a permanent collaboration with the experts of the construction industry, the immediate exploitation of the clients feedback and an endless will for improvement brought the success of the Ergo family of products, especially in Luxembourg, with more than 4.000 licenses installed in Luxembourg, Belgium and other countries.

Quadram and Ergo can show today a long clients list with many well-known names.

  • Many public services in Luxembourg like the Ministère des Travaux Publics, Administration des Ponts et Chaussées (Streets Construction),  the P&T Luxembourg, the Luxembourg City, the City of Esch Alzette and many other municipal administrations and municipal joined ventures (like SIDERO, SIDEN, DEA, etc), energy companies (ENOVOS, Soc,électrique de l'Our), etc
  • Public services in other countries like SNCF (France), Province du Brabant Wallon, ICDI (Belgium), etc
  • Several banks like Banque Général de Luxembourg (BGL), Caisse d'Epargne (BCEE)
  • A big number of architects and engineer offices
  • Several construction companies

In 2002 Quadram launched its new products family with Tempo+ (time management) and Hermes (documents management and distribution). The announcement of Tempo+ marked the entry of the Company in the sector of the Fiduciaries, many of them use since then the product in order to keep a record of their performances, invoice their clients and watch their profitability.
Then, in 2005 Quadram brought its latest product in the market: TempoGEST, a program unique in its class, since it manages to organize and keep all data necessary for the administration of any type of company. TempoGEST is mainly addressed to the accounting and tax companies, as well as law-firms and banks and it has been the result of a strong collaboration with the experts of this sector.

But 2005 marked also another important evolution for Quadram: the version 7 of Ergo 'Architect' was announced. A version which made clear the Company's determination to continue supporting its products and to offer the best possible service to its clients: this version has not been simply an improvement of the old program, but a completely new program. A new program, based on the latest technologies, designed to meet the needs of the future, able to be the base for more services. Even more, the version 7 of Ergo has been characterized from the ambition to enter the markets of other countries in Europe, since it offers compatibility with the working environment of several countries like France, Belgium, Germany, etc.

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