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Improve your office’s organization, achieve a good following up of your projects, maximize the efficiency and the profitability of your team.

ErgoOffice is a state-of-the-art software, easily adaptable, scalable, dynamic, ideal for architect and engineering offices of any size: from the multi-national engineering firm with several local offices to the architect start-up office . Its modularity makes it perfectly adapted to the client’s very specific needs.


For the first time you can carry on all your project's administration tasks with the same system. The resulting data centralization offers a flexible and dynamic environment also which in addition can be used from a distance.

Combine this unique software with Ergo ‘Architect’, our best-seller software for tendering and project’s specifications !





A complete range of modules for all your needs…

The financial monitoring of the projects: Fast and ergonomic Timesheets’ entry. Detailed analysis of the project’s costs par task and phase, comparisons against budget and invoicing.

The project’s file All important project-related information is filed. Dynamic data fields, infos, notes, project’s address book.

The time-line and the workflow functionalities: Organizing and scheduling tasks and actions, identifying milestones and workflow functionalities.

The project’s agenda: Intelligent calendar for planning following up the different project-related events, and above all the meetings.

The meeting’s minutes A complete system for keeping and following up the meetings’ minutes. It is dynamically linked to the participating persons and their missions, the concerned documents (plans, photos, etc) and using a tablet it can be automatically updated even during the visit on the works site.

The management of the human resources. All you need about managing your staff: treatement of leaves requests, calculation of leave balances, employee's record and history data, leaves and absences calendar.

ErgoOffice brings at your fingertips a world of information. Thanks to its synchronization with cloud systems like Evernote, Dropbox, Google, etc it can supply you the necessary information any moment at any place. ErgoOffice Mobile (Tablet and smartphone) makes access to the project’s information or documents easy while on the route. Its Planning-Module with its workflow functionalities ensures the good coordination of all project’s resources and collaborators and keeps track of deadlines. Its Documents Management Module organizes documents storage, reception and districbution, providing a fast searching engine, mail digialization, automatic generation and many other functions. It Financial Module monitors projects’ costs in detail, generates statistics and reports, launches alarms and informs about project’s profitability at real time !



The documents management Filing of documents of any type in user-defined structures, receiving and sending emails, following up the documents’ status (e.g. the state of progress of an architect’s plan), automatically generating contracts, offers, forms, inquiries, etc. Automate your work with its services for versioning, document’s naming and data protection and incoming mail digitalization (Hermes modul).  

A CRM at your service : Filing information concerning  contacts, commercial leads, key persons, potential projects. Keep track of events, conversations, contacts. Generate mailings, be warned for events or important dates concerning your contacts.

Tablet, Cloud and more… Remote, as well as cloud services, interfacing with popular cloud systems like Evernote, Dropbox, Google, etc and the integration of tablets (iPAD, etc).

Multi-language interface: switch among French, English, German, Dutch at a simple mouse click.

Configurations: ErgoOffice can run locally or on your Company's local network. ErgoOffice is also available in a Cloud version where the Ergo's SQL database is kept on an internet server or on a LAN server who is accessible from outside.This type of installation allows users to work from anywhere provided they have an internet connection.


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Project's summary record

  • Budget calculation
  • Time-costs and expenses
  • Estimated costs
  • Invoicing
  • Various calculation modes


Anaysis per project's task

  • Time vs estimated costs
  • Budget
  • Fees allocation
  • Invoicing
  • Various calculation modes


  • User-defined with various available widgets
  • Updated in real-time



Documents' management

  • Files structure
  • Fast search
  • Workflow
  • Import/Export tool

Time-entry system

  • Calender mode
  • Combination with personal planing
  • Fast time entry
  • Rich in functionalities




Meetings' report

  • Include plans and photos
  • Various report-models
  • Automatic PDF-generation and dispatching per email

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