ErgoOffice Mobile

With ErgoReport and ErgoDoc (the ErgoOffice apps for Tablet and smartphone) you can carry your data and documents wherever you need them.


  • All neccessary project’s data and documents available at any time, on the way, in the Chantier, in your meeting.
  • Keep track of open issues in real time, attach photos and plans, add annotations to them.
  • Generate and follow up minutes of the meetings while away from office.
  • Synchronizes with the ErgoOffice desktop software running on your office computer


The App connects to the ErgoOffice Software (running on your office computer or on a cloud server) with data being synchronized both directions. Does your tablet lacks of an internet connection ? No problem,..Synchronization starts automatically as soon as you are again in a Wifi network.

Note down all issues raised during your meeting and define actions to be taken with an amazing easiness. Open or download plans stored in your office computer or in cloud, place annotations and notes to them. Get all open issues of previous meetings and follow them up. Check responsibilities and tasks assigned to the team’s members. And when back to the office, find everything stored to ErgoOffice’s database, generate reports and send them automatically to the concerned team members.

And if you do not use a tablet, there is no problem at all: You can always use ErgoOffice desktop application on your office PC...

ErgoDoc App

Let your projects’ documents accompany you wherever you go !

ErgoDoc makes your documents available on your smartphone whenever away from office: for example, while visiting a site or taking part in a meeting.

No need for a cloud service or for any kind of outsourcing your documents: ErgoDoc connects directly to the ErgoOffice database on your own server.

Do you need to have a look to a report, a plan or an email ? With ErgoDoc you can open all documents laying on your own server whatever format they are: Word, PDF, etc.

And you can even go further with it: photos taken with your smartphone appear automatically within your project’s documents in your ErgoOffice server when back to the office !

You even do n’t need to care about photos’ size: ErgoOffice will compress them automatically to the wished PNG or JPF format, freeing your smartphone’s as well as your server’s storage capacity.

ErgoDoc is a simple but powerful ErgoOffice app that you should n’t miss!

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