Ergo is the most versatile software ever developped for the preparation, opening and evaluation of tenders offering at the same time  extended services for the project's financial monitoring.

With several thousands of licences installed, Ergo has become a 'best seller' in its class, choosen by many important administrations in Luxembourg and Belgium, as well as by a huge number of architect and engineering offices.


Amazingly flexible and open to other standards: you can format your text (fonts, styles, etc), personalize your documents (tender documents, bill of quantities, costs estimates, etc), copy-paste or drag and drop among projects, transfer from and to Excel, Word, GAEB, CRTI-b, XML, use external libraries of specification texts, keep and maintain price history, generate and verify comparison tables of the offers, etc.

Ergo does n't know any international borders !

  • Compatible with tenders realization in Luxembourg, France, Belgium, Germany. For other countries, please, ask.
  • Multi-language: switch among English, French, German, Dutch any time.
  • Can handle specification texts and prints tender documents in 2 languages on parallel (eg French / Dutch).
  • Imports libraries in GAEB or Datanorm format (Germany), integrates the SWL-CDC 2009, RDB-RDG 904 and RW-99 (Belgique). CRTIb, Ponts & Chaussées, P&T, etc (Luxembourg).

Ergo is a complete program, easy to use, easy to adapt on personal needs and wishes. It is a program, which allows you almost everything you have imagined to do when it comes to handling tenders and monitoring projects .

Ergo is 'BIM-ready'.

Ergo can now connect to your BIM-Model allowing you to localize, view, calculate any building element. The generation fo your Tender specifications, as well as the quantities calculation can happen directly through this connection to your BIM-Model.


Everything you need !
  • Libraries of specification texts and prices (user made, imported in GAEB, Datanorm, Excel, Word format. Full integration of the CRTIb, Ponts & Chaussées, P&T Luxembourg libraries (Luxembourg), SWL CDC 2009, RBB, RW99 (Belgium), ATHENA (published by Quadram).
  • Generation of APSs and estimates.
  • Generation of Tender documents and Specification documents on paper, PDF, Excel in 2 languages on parallel.
  • Evaluation of received bids, comparison table, ordering and awarding
  • Project monitoring: drafts of works, advanced payments and invoices control, financial statement for the client
  • Unique system for the realization of paperless tenders (exchange of documents and bids in electronic format): completely secure and reliable.
  • Connexion to a BIM-Model with automatic recovering of articles and quantities.
  • Import / export of projects in Ergo, Word, Excel, CRTIb, GAEB format.
  • Printed documents (tender, etc) adapted by user.
  • All documents can be exported as Excel or PDF format.
  • User access rights management
  • User interface switchable among English, French, German and Dutch.
  • Multi-user use on a network environment (LAN).
  • Cloud version with local extraction of files for off-line operation and data installed on the user's internet server.
  • Thanks to an extended system of parameters, it can be customized according to the user's needs.
  • Technical support on site or per remote connection.


Ergo can run locally or on your Company's local network. In the latest case the data are kept on the LAN server allowing all users concurrent access.

Ergo is also available in a Cloud version where the Ergo's SQL database is kept on an internet server or on a LAN server who is accessible from outside.This type of installation allows users to work from anywhere provided they have an internet connection.

Ergo runs on all Windows 32bit or 64bit versions. It runs also in Apple's Macs equipped with Parallels Desktop


ErgoSoumission : the free version for electronic transfer of Tenders and Bids.

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