A complete software for the detailed calculation, offering, invoicing and the site following up of your projects.
Specially designed for the building industry, including the ones from the heating-sanitary-electric trades.


Ergo 'Entrepreneur' is a user friendly software, which has been specially designed for the building industry companies and their specific needs. The user finds quickly his path through the software, which represents a close approach to the usual way of work.
We, the developpers of Ergo, have already thought about all these special needs of a constructor acting in Luxembourg:

  • The use of the libraries of important clients like Ponts & Chaussées, P&T Luxembourg, CRTIb, etc
  • The easy recovering of tender documents published in several formats (Ergo, GAEB, CRTIb, Excel,etc)
  • The multi-language user interface (french - german), as well as the offers and invoices printing in 2 languages.
  • The compatibility with ErgoAchitecte, the softwar which is mainly used in Luxembourg to realize tenders.


Libraries of articles
Development and use of libraries of articles and calculated elements (material, work, etc) with price-analysis and price-register. Price research and comparison with selection of the best supplier.

Offers calculation and publishing
The empoyment of the libraries of precalculated articles and elements accelerates the project's calculation. A detailed price-analysis model allowes the application of different calculation criteria, the selection of suppliers and sub-constructors and the trial of different scenarios.

Inventories management, handling more storages and using barcodes and portable terminals.

Site monitoring
Treatment of drafts of works, calculation and printing of invoices, payment control. Project progressive invoicing with guarantees holdback calculation. Especially easy to directly invoice offers.

Site monitoring
Registration of all costs (material deliveries and labor-work), monitoring of the site's costs evolution, statistics.

A module has been designed to serve the specific needs of heating-sanitary-electro companies.

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